The parallel comparative study of metabolism of fatty acids in erythrocytes and other tissues under experimental diabetes mellitus


The parallel study of impact of Streptozotocin diabetes mellitus on level of lipids and content of fatty acids in blood, in homogenates of skin, liver and muscular tissue in conditions of oxidative stress demonstrated that in rats at early period of development of diabetes mellitus alongside with hypertriglyceridimia and hypercholesterolimia, significant alterations are observed in content of fatty acids of blood and homogenates of analyzed tissues. The alterations are accompanied with peroxidation of lipids and decreasing of activity of enzymes-antioxidants and also decreasing of degree of utilization of glucose by erythrocytes. under experimental diabetes mellitus significant increasing of saturated fatty acids, especially palmitic fatty acid, results in decreasing of level of mono unsaturated fatty acids (at the expense of oleic fatty acids) that significantly differs of corresponding spectrum in patients with diabetes mellitus. The results of study also testify that already at early stages of development of diabetes mellitus alterations in pool of fatty acids of erythrocytes and homogenates of liver, skin and cardiac muscle similar (with slightly differences) and in all analyzed tissues disorders of fatty acids metabolism are characterized by atherosclerotic direction.

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About the authors

Nina P. Mikaelyan

Pirogov Russian national research medical university Minzdrav of Russia

117997, Moscow, Russian Federation
professor, of chair of biochemistry and molecular biology of medical facultet the N.I. Pirogov Russian national research medical university Minzdrav of Russia

Z. Kh Nguen

Pirogov Russian national research medical university Minzdrav of Russia

117997, Moscow, Russian Federation

O. S Komarov

Pirogov Russian national research medical university Minzdrav of Russia

117997, Moscow, Russian Federation

K. A Mikaelyan

Pirogov Russian national research medical university Minzdrav of Russia

117997, Moscow, Russian Federation


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