Vol 23, No 1 (2017)


The prevalence of factors of cardiovascular and metabolic risks according data of health centers

Shchelykalina S.P., Eryukova T.A., Nikolaev D.V., Korostylev K.A., Starunova O.A.


The cardiovascular diseases are among the main causes of disability and premature death all around the world. The study presents results of evaluation of prevalence of obesity and overweight, hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia, increased arterial pressure, abdominal obesity and android type of adipopexis in Russia. The analysis was implemented by using depersonalized data of 435 299 individuals aged 20-85 years (307 128 females and 128 171 males) visited health centers in 2010-2015 in 25 regions of Russia. out of them, 14 regions presented data in volume sufficient for regional analysis: Belgorodskaya, Brianskaya, Kemerovskaya, Kurganskaya, Magadanskaya, omskaya, Sarahtovskaya, Sahalinskaya oblasti, Moscow, Permskiy'i Habarovskiy kray, Republic of Bashkortostan, Chuvashskaya Republic and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug-Iugra. The estimates of prevalence of factors of cardiovascular and metabolic risks in Russia and its particular regions obtained. Among factors of cardiovascular risk considered in the present study related to population of health centers the most frequently occurred hypercholesterolemia - 30% according standard evaluation procedure, hyperglycemia - 26.6%, obesity - 20% and increased arterial pressure - 19%. The prevalence of abdominal obesity consisted 42.2% and android type of adipopexis - 20.9%. The hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia, obesity, abdominal obesity and android type of adipopexis more frequently occurred in females and increased arterial pressure - in males. The estimates, calculated on the basis of data from health centers and specialized sampling studies of evaluation, at the same criteria of truncation and in the same regions, match each other very well. The gender age characteristics of prevalence of risk factors among visitors of health centers repeat the same discovered in sampling studies. At that, coverage of population at the estimation of prevalence of risk factors according data of health centers are significantly higher than at implementation of sampling studies. The organization of study require no additional inputs and can be implemented in form of monitoring because program complex FIR CZ provides periodical unloading of data of individual examinations to federal resource.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):4-10
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The simultaneous detection of tuberculosis and HIV-infection

Yudin A.L., Afanaseva N.I., Blazhko V.D., Myasnikov D.A., Yumatova E.A.


The clinical and roentgenologic manifestations of tuberculosis in cases of its detection simultaneously with HIV-infection are considered. The physician is to be guided by different techniques of radiologic diagnostics because of low rate of bacteria isolation for timely detection of HIV-combined tuberculosis. In case of simultaneous detection of HIV-infection and activation of endogenous tuberculosis infection with development of tuberculosis in the same individual, the infection with HIV-infection occurs as a primary one. The specific inflammation develops against the background of immunodeficiency induced by HIV-infection. This occurrence can take place both at the stage of primary manifestations of HIV-infection (stage II) and late stage (stage of secondary diseases).
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):11-17
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The medical psychological aspects of development of benevolent psychological microclimate in environment of medical nurses

Maslyakov V.V., Levina V.A., Romanova I.V.


The article presents the analysis of psychological micro climate in staff of medical nurses of surgical, therapeutic and admission departments. It is established that in the group of medical nurses 83.4% of respondents interpret micro climate as favorable, 16.6% - as unstable favorable and none of respondents considered micro climate as unfavorable. In the therapeutic department 88.4% interpreted micro climate as favorable, 11.6% - as unstable favorable and none of respondents considered micro climate as unfavorable. In admission department 34% interpreted micro climate as favorable, 27% - as unstable favorable and 39% - as unfavorable.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):18-22
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The prevalence of mental disorders among women serving a sentence in penal colony

Bardenshteyn L.M., Shaklein K.N.


The article presents new data concerning prevalence of mental disorders among female convicts. the clinical epidemiological technique was applied to sampling of 1054 women serving a sentence in penal colony. The results of studies demonstrated that factually every second woman suffers of problems of mental health. The conclusion is made that this occurrence is related to specifics of conditions of imprisonment and also with number of biological, social, environmental, psychological factors that favor development of mental pathology in severe penitentiary conditions.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):23-26
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The parallel comparative study of metabolism of fatty acids in erythrocytes and other tissues under experimental diabetes mellitus

Mikaelyan N.P., Nguen Z.K., Komarov O.S., Mikaelyan K.A.


The parallel study of impact of Streptozotocin diabetes mellitus on level of lipids and content of fatty acids in blood, in homogenates of skin, liver and muscular tissue in conditions of oxidative stress demonstrated that in rats at early period of development of diabetes mellitus alongside with hypertriglyceridimia and hypercholesterolimia, significant alterations are observed in content of fatty acids of blood and homogenates of analyzed tissues. The alterations are accompanied with peroxidation of lipids and decreasing of activity of enzymes-antioxidants and also decreasing of degree of utilization of glucose by erythrocytes. under experimental diabetes mellitus significant increasing of saturated fatty acids, especially palmitic fatty acid, results in decreasing of level of mono unsaturated fatty acids (at the expense of oleic fatty acids) that significantly differs of corresponding spectrum in patients with diabetes mellitus. The results of study also testify that already at early stages of development of diabetes mellitus alterations in pool of fatty acids of erythrocytes and homogenates of liver, skin and cardiac muscle similar (with slightly differences) and in all analyzed tissues disorders of fatty acids metabolism are characterized by atherosclerotic direction.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):27-30
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The evaluation of effectiveness of public selective control in the system of counteraction to turnover of nonstandard medications

Bidarova F.N.


The developing activity of Roszdravnadzor concerning implementation of its powers serves as a serious obstacle for intrusion of falsified counterfeit and of poor quality medications into Russian market. However, support of population of Russia with high quality medications continues to be a serious and until now unresolvable problem for public authorities. The study was carried out to evaluate the actual system of measures concerning public controlling quality of medications. The system is implemented by Roszdravnadzor and its territorial boards in all federal okrugs following by selective sampling of medications. The study included data from the web-sites of Minzdrav of Russia, Minzdrav of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alaniya, Roszdravnadzor, The Republican center of control and certification of medications (hereinafter referred to as the Republican center). The techniques of repetition-free sampling was applied in sociological survey. The total of processed questionnaires amounted to 20. The study was carried out in the North ossetia state medical academy during 201402016 conjointly with the Republican center. The particular shortcomings of actual practice of implementation of state selective control of quality of medications were investigated. The necessity of further enhancement of the system of state control and surveillance at actual stage of development of administrative reform is reasoned. It is proved that at the regional level a new concept of coordination of interdependent structures is needed concerning territorial boards of Roszdravnadzor, the Russian Federation subjects' departments of licensing and regional expertise organizations on issues of quality of pharmaceutical production. The conclusion is drawn that the normative legal base requires further development. The core issues are organization and implementation of controlling compliance of medications in circulation with established obligatory requirements to quality, including in the course of selected control of quality of medications. The development of conceptual apparatus is needed for comprehension and interpretation of processes related to implementation of selective control of quality of medications.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):31-39
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The possibilities of medicinal therapy in patients with calcined aortic stenosis

Andropova O.V., Alekseeva L.A., Minushkina L.O.


The calcined aortic stenosis is one of the most frequently occurring cardio-vascular diseases with unfavorable prognosis of treatment. Te actual conceptions of risk factors of development, pathogenesis and course of disease starting from inflammation and endothelial dysfunction and completing with bone metaplasia give an opportunity of determining prospective directions of medicinal therapy favoring deceleration of progressing of calcined aortic stenosis. The review summarizes main data of publications concerning attempts of pathogenetically medicinal impact on progressing of calcined aortic stenosis.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):40-45
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The neurobiologic aspects of photochromotherapy

Sorokina N.D., Selitskiy G.V., Dina E.S.


The review summarizes and analyzes specters of therapeutic effect of laser and light-emitting diode radiation of different wavelengths as exemplified by various diseases. The physiological and certain biophysical differences in the basis of effect mechanisms of modern laser and light therapy are emphasized. The review applied both research studies and monographs and tutorials. Hence, a large volume of data was analyzed concerning every type of light therapy and its contraindications. The comparison is implemented concerning efficiency of implementation of red, blue and green light-emitting diode radiation in neurological, therapeutic, stomatological practice and in therapy of emotional conditions.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):46-51
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The ethics and medicine: certain little known pages of history of the Third Reich and USA

Damulin I.V.


The article considers destinies of medics residing in Nazi Germany and invaded countries. They took no participation in resistance but they were annihilated mainly in ghettos and concentration camps. The particular attention is paid to physicians, including the field of neurological sciences, left memories of themselves in the form of eponym names. These eponyms are to be applied in practical activities. The information is cited concerning inhuman programs of sterilization and euthanasia existed in Nazi Germany. It is emphasized that these programs occurred not in empty place because background of their development existed before Nazi came into power and the uSA included. And at that, experiments with prisoners continued to be implemented in the uSA even after the Second world war. The article draws attention to the importance of ethic aspects in activities of medics.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2017;23(1):52-56
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