Vol 20, No 3 (2014)


The population mortality of Ufa because of acute disturbed cerebral circulation in last decade

Sharafutdinova N.K., Mukhametziyanov A.M., Pavlova M.Y.


The results of analysis of mortality because of acute disturbed cerebral circulation of population of Ufa in 2003-2012 is presented. The level of mortality is evaluated depending on gender and age. The distribution of the deceased by place of occurrence of death was applied. The decrease of level of mortality up to 3.6 times was established. In all age groups the intensive and standardized indicators of mortality were higher among males than among females. It is established that among persons of able-bodied age the level of mortality because of cerebral hemorrhage is higher (8.8 cases per 100 000 of population of corresponding age) than of cerebral infarction (2.3 cases per 100 000 of population of corresponding age). In persons older than able-bodied age the most frequent cause of death was cerebral infarction than cerebral hemorrhage (106.2 against 65.9 cases per 100 000 of population of corresponding age).
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):4-7
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The dynamic char acteristics of tuberculosis epidemiological situation in Krasnoyarsk kraiy

Koretskaya N.M., Narkevitch A.N., Narkevitch A.A.


The official statistic data was applied to analyze the tuberculosis epidemic situation in Krasnoyarsk kraiy in 1990-2012. The analysis was applied to indicators of tuberculosis morbidity of all population, children, adolescents. The indicator of population mortality because of tuberculosis was analyzed too. The rate of increase and decrease of the indicators was calculated. The relationship between quantitative and qualitative indicators of active detection of tuberculosis was calculated. In epidemiological situation with tuberculosis three periods were singled out. The first period (1990-2000) consisted of dramatic increase of indicators of morbidity and mortality. The second period (2001-2008) consisted of stabilization of indicators of morbidity and mortality at high level. The third period (2009-2012) consisted of decrease of indicators of morbidity and mortality of population. It is established that rate of decrease of indicators of morbidity and mortality in the third period is significantly lower than rates of their increase in the first period. It is demonstrated that during last four years increase of indicator of morbidity of all population cannot be considered as a guarantor of amelioration of epidemiological situation in the Krasnoyarsk kraiy in the nearest future. The evidence to that are the increased indicators of tuberculosis among children and adolescents. It testifies the presence of hidden reservoir of tuberculosis infection which is related to low qualitative indicators of active detection of this disease among population against the background of qualitative indicators which nowadays achieved the needed value. The conclusion is made about necessity of development of unified personalized information system about undergo of checking fluorography examination by population of the Krasnoyarsk kraiy to account all data on a scale of its territory.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):8-12
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The acute transient psychotic disorders without symptoms of schizophrenia: clinic, dynamics, prognosis

Bardenstein L.M., Aleshkina G.A.


The study was organized to specify structural dynamic and prognostic aspects of acute transient psychotic disorders. The sampling included 55 examined patients with psychotic conditions meeting diagnostic criteria of ICD-10 for acute transient psychotic disorders without symptoms of schizophrenia (F 23.0, F 23.3, F 23.8, F 23.9). The first group included patients with single psychotic episode (n=41, average age is 30.6±10.1 years). The second group included patients with recurring psychotic attacks (n=14, average age is 38±10.3 years). The clinical psychopathologic, clinical catamnestic, psychometric and statistical methods were applied. The study established that in 25.5% of patients having acute psychotic disorder without symptoms of schizophrenia hereinafter an attack of schizophrenic structure occurred with detection of specific deficiency symptomatology in post-psychotic period.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):13-16
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The surgical treatment of outcomes of intra-articular injuries and diseases of joints of fi ngers of hand

Korshunov V.F., Kiriaku P.M.


Among traumas of hand 41% constitute injuries of joints. The aftermath of their incorrect treatment (wrongly healed fracture, ankylosis, contracture, joint defect) significantly decrease quality of life of patient. Also, huge percentage of injury of joints is observed under rheumatoid arthritis, pyo-septic diseases and various types of arthrosis. The following methods of surgical treatment of outcomes of intra-articular injuries and diseases of joints of fingers of hand were applied at different stages: arthroplastic, osteosynthesis with Kirschner's wire, plates, wire, apparatus of external fixation, early activation and lasting immobilization. The every of mentioned methods has its own shortcomings impacting results of treatment. In comparison, the method of distraction applied in the clinic since 1968, has a number of advantages which make it possible in a most effective way to cope with arthrogenic contractures and intra-articular injuries. The results of treatment of 74 patients residing in the clinic from January 2005 to December 2011 were analyzed. The injuries of metacarpophalangeal articulations were observed in 29 patients and injuries of interphalangeal joints - in 45 patients. The defects of joints were detected in2 patients. The wrongly healed fractures were detected in 10 patients. The arthrogenic contractures were detected in 56 patients, ankylosis in 2 patients and deforming/post-traumatic arthrosis in 4 patients. In all cases the distraction apparatus with subsequent dosed distraction was used. The received positive results of treatment (96.8%) confirm high effectiveness of application of method of distraction in treatment of aftermath of intra-articular injuries and diseases of joints of fingers of hand.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):16-18
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The clinical laboratory characteristics and outcomes of cerebral coma in victims with combined cranial cerebral traumas

Schekolova N.B., Mudrova O.A., Drozdov S.N.


The sample of 643 patients with cranial cerebral traumas were examined. The clinical, electro-physiological and laboratory criteria of cerebral coma in 117 victims were analyzed. In all sampling, 65 patients survived and 52 patients died. Under severe destructive dystrophic injury of brain. Under light cranial cerebral component of trauma, the leading part belonged to severity and complications of extra cranial trauma. The disorders of hemodynamics increased hypoxia, edema of brain and metabolic disorders. The intensification of cerebral coma was related to ongoing bleeding, development of fulminant form of fat embolism and dislocation syndrome.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):19-21
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The evaluation of effectiveness of plasmapheresis in treatment of patients with cancer of ovary

Ushakova N.D., Nerodo G.A., Goroshinskaya I.A., Zlatnik E.Y., Mkrtchiyan E.G., Menshenina A.P.


The sampling of 325 patients with primarily diagnosed cancer of ovary of III-IV stages was examined. The patients underwent treatment in gynecologic department from 2010 to 2013. Before anti-tumor treatment, analysis of indicators of integral indices of intoxication (leukocytal index of intoxication, index of reactivity of organism and reactive response of neutrophils) calculated according hemogram data, were carried out in all patients. The results of analysis demonstrated that only in 39 (12%) out of 325 patients no laboratory indications were detected. In 102 (31.4%) out of 325 patients the course of oncologic process was followed by endogenous intoxication of light degree of severity and in 184 (56.6%) - by endogenous intoxication of medium degree of severity. At that, in 245 (75.4%) patients endogenous intoxication developed against the background of depression of common reactivity of organism under inadequacy of compensation and instability of homeostasis. On the basis of obtained results in-depth examination of 65 patients with prevalent cancer of ovary was carried out. The patients were divided in two groups. The control group received accompanying pharmaceutical treatment. The main group received therapy combined with curative plasmapheresis. The analysis included content of medium mass molecules in blood, total effective concentration and binding ability of albumin, coefficient of intoxication, level of C-reactive protein, serum content of anti-inflammatory cytokines (interleukin (Π)-1β, TNF-α, IL-6, IL-8, IL-1RA, IL-10). The application of curative plasmapheresis before neo-adjuvant polychemotherapy in conditions of development of tumor intoxication against the background of decreasing of common reactivity of organism and instability of homeostasis favors optimization of condition of common reactivity of organism and supports compensation of endogenous intoxication and stability of homeostasis.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):21-26
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The mode of screening diagnostic of dysplasia of conjunctive tissue in children

Arsentyev V.G., Letsyuk O.B., Ushakova E.P., Shabalov N.P.


The article deals with the results of system analysis of somatic and neurological examination of 166 children with dysplasia. The proposals were developed concerning the enhanced table of indications applicative for screening diagnostic in children. The diagnostic total segment of dysplasia of conjunctive tissue was established. The most specific characteristics symptoms of dysplasia of conjunctive tissue are revealed.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):26-29
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The safety of application of pharmaceuticals in employees professionally related to transport traffi c

Isakova Y.A., Popov V.V., Romanov B.K.


The monitoring of safety of application of pharmaceuticals (Pharmakonadzor) is the major element of rational pharmacotherapy. Unfortunately, the actual system of Pharmakonadzor does not provide special studies concerning evaluation of effect of pharmaceuticals on professionally valuable qualities in persons professionally involved into transport traffic (persons of operator professions). At the same time, it is well known that visual, cognitive and psycho-motor functions support main stages of operator activities. The undesirable medicinal reactions can deteriorate these functions. The listing of pharmaceuticals unsafe to be used by persons of operator professions is wide.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):30-33
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The cardiac resynchronization therapy: indications and concept of clinical application for treat ment of patients with chronic cardiac failure

Revishvili A.S., Stupakov S.I.


The cardiac resynchronization therapy is commonly considered as the stimulation of right and left heart ventricles synchronized with atrium rhythm to correct endocardiac conduction with purpose to eliminate mechanical dyssinchrony of heart. The main clinical effects of application of cardiac realignment therapy are manifested in increase of life span of patients with cardiac failure. The point of mechanism of cardiac realignment therapy is in synchronization (realignment) of atrium and ventricle contractions that makes it possible to enhance diastolic filling of ventricles and to decrease mitral regurgitation. The other point is in synchronization of movements of inter-ventricular septum with free wall of left ventricle. This process is followed by such hemodynamic effects as increase of rate of increment of pressure in left ventricle during isovolumic contraction (dp/dt), decrease of pressure of jamming in pulmonary artery, increase of indicators of systolic and pulse pressure. In the upshot, stroke and minute volume increases and pumping function of heart ameliorates. The amelioration of endocardiac hemodynamics results in increasing of dimensions of left ventricle. The so-called reverse remodelling of left ventricle occurs that in turn manifests in amelioration of clinical status of patient and dramatically delay progression of chronic cardiac failure.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):34-40
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The migrainous attacks during pregnancy: tactic of management of female patients and priorities of therapy

Ekusheva E.V., Damulin I.V.


The headache is the most frequent complaint during pregnancy. In most cases, the cause of this headache is migraine without aura. During this period, the benevolent course of disease is observed in overwhelming majority of women. However, during pregnancy one third of female patients suffer from severe and lingering attacks with expressed following symptoms and deadaptation hardly to cut short. The article considers issues of monitoring of female patients and choice of pharmaceuticals for treatment of migrainous attacks.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):41-48
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The perspectives of application of new compounds of tiosemicarbazones class with purpose to develop pharmaceuticals with anti tuberculosis activity

Mojokina G.N., Elistratova N.A., Soloviyeva I.P., Guschin A.S., Elokhina V.N.


The article deals with the results of experimental study of anti tuberculosis activity of new salt tiosemicarbazone (Phs-205) in comparison with substance of perhloson (perchlorate-4-tioureidoiminometyl-pyridinium). The model of generalized tuberculosis of mice was used to evaluate anti tuberculosis activity of Phs-205 in dosage of 10, 20 and 30 mg/kg and perhloson in dosage of 20 mg/kg according pathomorphological and microbiological criteria. It is established that Phs-205 in dosage of 30 mg/kg has the most expressed protective and therapeutic effect under experimental tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium of tuberculosis of human type H37Rv. The results of biochemical study testify the more expressed toxic effect of perhloson upon indicators of protein and lipid metabolism.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):49-52
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About certain organic causes of chronic constipation in children of preschool age

Artamonov R.G., Glazunova L.V., Bektaschiyantz E.G., Kirnus N.I., Poliyakov M.V., Busova E.S., Tchijikova N.N.


The article presents the notion of chronic constipation. The causes of chronic constipations of functional and organic character are considered. The dolichosigmoid and Hirschsprung disease are discussed as the most common causes of chronic constipations of organic origin in children.
Medical Journal of the Russian Federation. 2014;20(3):53-56
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